Apply To Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University(SMU)| Download Application Form 2020/2021

To apply online, you need access to the Internet and a valid email address. Please ensure that you:

a. Complete the application accurately and fully.

b. Write your names the same as they appear in your identity/passport document.

c. Specify the names of the first choice and second choice degrees (if applicable)

d. Complete the residence section (if applicable).

e. Pay the non-refundable application fee of R200.00 and send proof of payment. Use your ID/ passport/ student number generated by the system when making payment.

Please remember to upload the following certified and individually scanned documents:

a. Copy of your ID/passport document (compulsory). b. Copy of your final Grade 11 results or Grade 12 June results or your National Senior/Matric/ IEB Certificate (if you have already completed Grade 12). c. Copy of your degree certificate(s) and academic record(s) (if you attended other universities). d. Copy of your marriage certificate/divorce decree (if applicable). e. Proof of non-refundable application fee payment of R200.


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