gde intake 2020 : stages in admission

With a mandate to ensure that learners continuously have a compulsory basic education in the province, the Gauteng Department of Education sees to it that there is access to quality teaching. And to benefit from this, understanding the GDE online registration 2020 process is paramount. Apart from that, as a parent or guardian, you also need to know the required documents that must be submitted, how to choose a school for your child/ward, and also, what to do in case your child/ward is denied admission in a school. This is why reading this article will benefit you so much. How do I apply for a school place?

When you are embarking on the Gauteng Department of Education online registration for your child, three stages or steps must be followed in the application process.
These stages include:
Entering the details of the parent/legal guardian
Entering the learner’s details
Applying to a School


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