How To Access Moodle UKZN

Logging in

1.To use Moodle for the first time, you need to point your browser (preferably Chrome, Firefox or the latest version of IE – Internet Explorer) to which will direct you the login page of Moodle.

2. Click on the Log In link on the top right hand corner. You will be redirected to a Log in page

3. Enter your credentials in the Username field, e.g chettyv6 and your LAN
password. Click on the Log In button to enter the site.

At UKZN we use single sign-on, this means that you can use your LAN login to log into multiple systems. If you cannot login, it’s possible there is a problem with your account and you need to contact the Expert Desk on X4000. If you are able to login to other systems, like your e-mail, the Internet and other systems then let the Expert desk know of the exact problem.


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