How To Use UWC iKamva

As a student support strategy and to encourage interaction between students and lecturers, lecturers will be using iKamva, the online learning platform, for all SOPH Modules this year.

What is iKamva?
iKamva is the online learning and collaboration environment used by the UWC community. iKamva is used to support UWC courses, or modules, and project sites which are initiated by the community. The word “iKamva” means “future”, which refers to the way in which the social and technological developments are advancing and moving forward.

Why is iKamva used?
iKamva is an eLearning platform which accommodates different types of sites. Examples of types of sites are:
• UWC course/module sites: which allow the use of a range of different eTools such as eAssessment, communication and content creation.
• Project sites: which provide a central space for collecting and reflecting on project data by different community groups.
How do I log into iKamva?
To log in to iKamva you need to open up your internet browser (eg. Google Chrome or Moxilla Firefox are recommended) and search for . This should take you to the screen shown below. You then have to log in, if already a registered student, with your Student number (User ID) and if you are a non-South African student use your Date of Birth as the Password (format: yyyymmdd) and South African students use your 13 digit ID number toaccess the course sites of modules that you have registered for. If you are not a registered student as yet, you will receive your log in details by email.

Upon login with your correct details you should be able to see the screen shown below with two main toolbars; Home and Sites


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