Netcare nursing college south africa application requirement and process

The NEDP is an academic development programme specifically designed to develop relevant academic preparedness.
It provides applicants with sound foundations for tertiary studies at higher education level; develops social and personal skills; provides an introduction to the world of nursing; and sensitises them towards the values, behaviours and attitudes required in the nursing environment. Compulsory academic modules include: Fundamental English for Academic Purposes, Business Communication, Numeracy for Higher Education Studies, Computer and Digital Literacy, Human Body Orientation, as well as Academic and Student Development.
The required pass rate for all modules is 60%.
“Due to the high number of students applying for nursing education with Netcare Education, OLG has set up a dedicated call centre for applicants, and assesses as many as 8 000 applicants every year. We at OLG ensure that this is a smooth and efficient process for all concerned,” says Jackie Knott, business development manager of OLG.

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